Four Questions to Ask About Your Pet Sitter

One of the hardest things you can do as a homeowner is trusting a stranger in your home as you attend to other issues away. Homeowners often wonder what service a pet sitter or dog walker has to offer, how much it costs, and how to determine who they can trust for the job. Your pets are part of your family and even like your little babies. So you want to ensure they have the best at all times.

It’s okay to be nervous or worry about who you’re leaving your pets with for the first time. You’re just concerned and want to ensure they will take care of your little friends the way you do. Why not set up a meet and greet with your potential dog walker or pet sitter? That’s a good place to start. To ensure you make the right decision, here are questions you should ask your pet sitter before hiring their services.

Does the Pet Sitter or Dog Walker have a Business Card?

The point here isn’t the possession of a business card but determining whether or not you’re dealing with a professional pet sitter. They should be a company that’s fully committed to their business. It’s also important that the company runs a full-time business, not a hobby. A professional sitter will, at least, hand you a flyer or business card as soon as you meet. Work with someone who’s committed to their business as they will make you their top priority.

Does the Pet Sitter Take Copious Notes?

When dealing with a professional service, you’re not the only one who will have questions to ask. The professional will also have questions about your specific needs so he or she can know how best to meet them. While some pet sitters will provide you with a questionnaire before arriving, some will ask for information before you guys meet. If the sitter doesn’t seem to have any questions about the animal’s specific needs, behavior, habits, care, as well as the location of pet areas, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with an unprofessional sitter. A good, professional animal sitter will not only ask questions about your pet but take notes for additional information.

How is the Interaction at Introduction?

An important question you must ask is how the pet sitter plans to take care of your little friend. How will he or she care for the animal? Does the sitter interact with the pet at its level? If not, be sure to seek more information from your potential sitter. Be keen to observe the pet sitter’s actions around your pet. On arrival, a professional sitter will most likely sit on the floor, remain quiet for a couple of minutes, and try to help a bashful pet in the acceptance of a complete stranger. If your potential sitter looks nervous or turned off when interacting with the pet, you might consider looking for someone else.

Is the Person you’re Meeting the one who will Care for your Pet?

Ensure the person you’re meeting is the same person who will care for your pet. Don’t agree to discuss your pet with a contact person who will then assign someone else. Meet the person who will deliver the service.

Finally, it’s crucial that your pet sitting service has signage on their vehicle. It’s also a good idea to ask your potential pet sitting company for references for your peace of mind. The pet sitter should be ready or rather willing to leave notes about each visit when you’re away. If your animal looks calm and happy to see you when you get back home, you’ll know your animal received good care.

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