Dog Hair Removal Tools

Are your clothes starting to be filled with pet hair? Even though you might be a loving and proud pet parent, you know that having dog hair stuck to your clothes and other things around the house isn’t a good thing. This is why it is a must to know some of the best dog hair removal tools you can use to eliminate the pesky pet hair problems.

Dog Hair Removal Tools

Sticky Stuff

Capture those loose pet hairs with the use of the sticky part of packing tape. Just wrap some tape around your hand, with the sticky portion out, then dust your furniture and clothes. Or, if you don’t want to struggle with winding some tape around your hand every time you need to use it, you can simply invest in some lint rollers made especially for this particular purpose. You can keep one in your vehicle, another inside the dressing area, and one more in your locker or desk. These rollers are very affordable and you can find them in many pet supply shops and other similar stores.

Curry Combs and Grooming Brushes

You can also use curry combs and grooming brushes as intended to eliminate the loose hair shredded by your canine friend. You will see how much they love that feeling when you brush them and this is also a great chance for the two of you to bond together. These tools could also serve a different purpose. You can also use brushes made for collecting pet hair on your dog to collect the hair on themselves. You can use the rubber curry brush for collecting short or long hairs from your furniture or clothes. A pin brush is also great to use on carpeting.

Specialty Vacuums and Brooms

You will surely discover that rubber brooms can collect hair well, and you can even find one that you can use to collect hair on your hardwood floors. The flat and pet-looking mop heads can lie loose on your floor and you could kick these around to attract those loose hairs. But, there is nothing that can beat the power of the good old vacuum that can eliminate hair from furniture and carpet.

Rubber Glove

Rubber gloves with nubs on their palm side are also great tools cleaning dog hair. These can grab any loose hair every time you pet your canine, which means you can collect the hair way before they reach your floors. Another advantage is that dogs love being groomed using these gloves. It is similar to indulging in a mini-massage for them. You can also use rubber gloves for collecting pet hair from carpets and sofas.


A little water can be used to wipe up little hair. You can use your wet hand or a damp cloth for catching loose hair on clothes. Water can add weight to hair which makes it impossible for them to stick to clothes. Use downward strokes for catching loose hair. This is a technique you can use anywhere and anytime such as after you meet someone else’s pet. You can also use this technique around your home. Simply dampen a mop or sponge to clean hair floors and sofas.

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